3 basic types of lighting styles to brighten your living space

3 basic types of lighting styles to brighten your living space

There are several factors that are instrumental in helping people create the perfect ambience in their homes, and proper lighting is one of them. Whether it is the outdoor lighting for your patio or the fancy LED lighting you wish to fix in your false ceiling in the kitchen to create the perfect atmosphere for a fancy dinner, you need to get the lighting right. People often assume that picking the right lighting is an easy task. However, what most people aren’t aware of is that there are different types of lighting, and each has a different task to perform. This is why you cannot use ceiling lights to highlight only a particular part of the room or why LED lights cannot double as patio lights.

So, take a look at the basic types of lighting, and apply this knowledge while choosing your home decor items to create the “perfect space.”

Ambient indoor lighting
The ambient indoor lighting, also known as general lighting, is intended to light up the entire room. The main aim of this form of lighting is to offer a uniform level of illumination throughout the room independent of other lighting sources. Also, ambient indoor lighting strives to ensure safe and easy traffic and creates a perfect overview of the room. This ambient light is reflected off the walls and illuminates as much area as possible. This type of lighting includes a chandelier, floor lamps, or ceiling-mounted fixtures.

Task lighting
As the name suggests, this type of lighting is used for specific tasks that the person carries out in a particular space. For instance, there are reading lights or the ones on the top of the cooking stove that shed a brighter light on a particular spot and make it the focal point of the room. Task lighting allows you to see clearly, but it can be a little hard on your eyes. If such is the case, you should avoid harsh lights that cast shadows. Some examples of task lighting are pendant lighting, tape and extrusion, and portable or desk lamps.

Accent lighting
The major function of this type of lighting is to focus on a particular spot to create the desired effect. Such lighting is effective in making the room appear larger, and it is often used to highlight an architectural feature, a sculpture, a plant, or a collection of objects. The cardinal rule when it comes to making the desired impression with accent lighting is that you should install thrice the amount of actual light on the focal point than ambient lighting usually provides.

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