Best leaf blowers available in the market

Best leaf blowers available in the market

A good leaf blower picks all the leaves quickly during winds and falls. You can clean those messy yards in a few minutes. Buyers out there must know the features and functionalities of the best leaf blower to know what they really need.

If you need leaf blowers for small yards with few trees, an electric leaf blower would be an ideal choice. Electricity leaf blowers are big and have smaller cords, so, if you need to clean big yards as it can be difficult as the cord is limited. Similarly, a gas-powered leaf blower is highly power efficient and good for large yards. However, the gas leaf blowers need timely maintenance for proper working engine and generate loud noises.

The rechargeable leaf blowers have batteries but limited shelf life. You can buy them if you don’t want to trouble yourself with gas leaf blowers (which are quite noisy).

Here are some of the top picks for the best leaf blowers:

WORX WG520 Turbine Leaf Blower: This leaf blower is a top speed leaf blower with a high speed of 110 mph. It is lightweight and has a weight of 6.5 pounds which makes it easy to lift and clean even the longest yard. It has a wide mouth blowing tube which picks up the biggest leaf piles quickly. The multispeed thumb dial makes it easy to operate the leaf blower. You can increase or decrease the power depending on the intensity of the leaf clean-up work. The WG520 leaf blowers produce some noise (but less than the gas leaf blowers).

Hitachi RB24EAP: It has a gas powered leaf blower with elegant styling and efficient performance. It is the ultimate choice if you have leaf filled yards. It is easy to use and gives great performance for sweeping leaves, seed pods, and debris. It has power packed technology which causes air to move at 441 cubic feet of air per minute. The lower emission engine gives optimal performance. The leaf blower moves at a speed of 170 mph. However, this leaf blower doesn’t have a fair rating for noise. It is loud as expected from gas leaf blowers. The Hitachi RB24EAP has the long warranty of seven years.

Greenworks 24012 Single Speed Electric blower: The Greenworks 24012 leaf blower is the best leaf blower if you need to sweep small yards. Interestingly it is available at reduced cost. You can easily clean spaces such as sidewalks, patios, driveways where grass, leaves, and debris is littered. It delivers a speed of 160 mph and drifts air up to 150 cubic feet of air per minute. The Greenworks 24012 single speed leaf blower is suitable for light duty cleaning chores. It is lightweight with a weight of just 4.5 pounds. It has an integrated cord wrap which helps you keep the extension cords away. It comes with a four-year warranty and doesn’t produce much noise.

Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac: Toro 51619 works at high speed of 250 mph and rifts up to 410 cubic feet of air per minute. It has a vacuum which gives an efficient performance for sweeping and vacuuming debris. All the debris is pushed into the vacuum bag.

Greenworks PRO GBL80300: It is lightweight leaf blower with a top speed of 125 mph. It is a quiet leaf blower and doesn’t produce noise. It has rechargeable leaf blower which has 80-volt lithium battery which can run up to 70 minutes. It can be quickly recharged in half an hour and delivers great performance.

You must enquire well in advance to buy the best leaf blower. Read the instructions of the manufacturer and operate the leaf blower to get high performance.