Best Time to Buy Appliances on Sale

Best Time to Buy Appliances on Sale

Want to buy a new fridge? Is that old microwave beginning to give trouble? Well, wait for the right time and you could get huge discounts on anything from kitchen appliances, refrigerators, dishwashers, cooking appliances, electronic items, mobile phones. Here are some important dates around the year that are a good time to buy appliances on sale.

Memorial Day

Decoration Day or Memorial Day is an occasion to pay tribute to those who died while serving in the armed forces. The holiday is observed every year on the last Monday of May. Top brands have been known to offer heavy discounts around Memorial Day to war veterans and current armed forces personnel in particular. Gift cards and prepaid debit cards have pulled the price of appliances on sale to unbelievable levels at this time of the year.

Fourth of July

There is a major wave of sales from all quarters around Fourth of July. Local stores, major supermarkets, apparel brands, electronics stores, home improvement or furniture offer exciting offers and be certain that everyone is vying for attention by announcing competitive offers. Flat-off offers, sale, gift cards, and combo-deals are offered on appliances. Savings can go up to hundreds of dollars if you are making a big purchase. For these reasons, it is an excellent idea to buy sale appliances around this time of the year. Some Fourth of July offers also beat Black Friday offers. Plan your purchases in advance and narrow down on the appliances you want to buy during the sale because these sale appliances tend to go off the shelf or store at lightning speed.

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is associated with the end of summer. This is the time to indulge in clearance sales. While summer clothing and patio furniture is usually priced down, many stores have also begun to offer large discounts and sale on electronics and kitchen appliances. One can land heavy discounts, combo offers, free shipping, gift cards for future use of appliances on sale on Labor Day.

Veterans Day

Some stores offer exclusive offers for armed forces personnel. This is also an excellent opportunity buy. However, keep in mind that prices of appliances on sale generally take a steeper dip after a few weeks, for the annual shopping frenzy that is Black Friday.

Black Friday

If there could be a phenomenal discount giant, it would be named Black Friday. Prices of appliances on sale tend to be at their lowest on this day. There is a mad rush by sale hunters and for the right reasons. Anything that you can think of is likely to be sold at a marked down price this day. For example, in 2017, Best Buy offered the high-end LG 60″ 4K Smart TV for just around $600, a whopping $400 off the list price. Google’s home voice-enabled speaker was available for around $80 at many retailers. That’s just about $50 off. However, if you are planning to buy from a store, factor in large crowds and serpentine queues at the cash counter. Snap online sales for limited periods are also worth watching out for on Black Friday.

Helpful tips to save big

These are some of the great mega sales events of the year. Having said that, here are some tips and strategies to get the best appliances for the best deal during the sale period. First, compare the prices. The price of the same products will vary from store to store, website to website during all the major holidays. Careful comparison and quick decision-making will help you buy something on your wish list before someone else grabs the chance. Second, if you are aiming to save big, check the cost of appliances and begin saving for it well in advance. There might be high-end refrigerators, television sets of music systems for flat half the rate or less, but what if you don’t have enough money on hand to take advantage of those savings. Smart shopping strategies will help you make the most of on-going offers on appliances.