Furniture for different stages in a baby’s life

Furniture for different stages in a baby’s life

There are a number of things that come into the home when a baby is about the enter the same. The would be parents are excited and they prepare well so that the child gets the bets of everything. In such cases, it can become an overwhelming exercise where either they stock up on things that they do not need, or they miss out some essentials. So here is a quick list of furniture that parents will need to bring their infant home and to help their toddler grow into.

The Bed
The crib or a bassinet is one of the main items that the new baby will need. The place where the baby sleeps should be the most comfortable and secure place in the entire home. Many mothers prefer co sleeping, in which case there should be a clear demarcation between the space to be taken by the baby and the parent. Also, as the child begins to grow into toddlerhood, he or she will graduate from a crib to a toddler bed. Nowadays, many baby malls and marts as well as brands offer cribs that can be expanded into a toddler bed. In such beds, one can knock down the railing of one side and pull out the length a little more. So you could invest in such a piece for your toddler to comfortably grow into.

Storage is one of the most essential things that a baby and the parent will require from the word go. One can choose from a plethora of style for cabinets as well as chest of drawers. It is important to choose sturdy pieces with soft textures and finishes. These should not topple easily. Also, you can try and choose pieces that will match the rest of the soft furnishings of the room including the rugs, bedding and curtains. There should be plenty of room in the drawers and cubbies although they should not be too deep as this can create problems while retrieving items.

Changing Table
This is another essential element that should come with all the requisite padding so that the baby is comfortable. Also, the parent should choose the height depending on comfort so that one does not have to stoop too low, or bend too much.

Play Pen
This will be required once the child reaches toddlerhood. The playpen is an essential item which can hold many toys and give the child plenty of space to cruise around without getting hurt on any other furniture around the house. Make sure that the netting is firm and the rods are well padded too. a

High Chair
Once your toddler is ready to sit, it will be time to prop him or her up in a high chair. This should have a tray where you can place food and toys so that the child can start experimenting with meals and food. Also, you will need to ensure that the safety levers and latches are in place, but out of reach when it comes to the toddler’s grasp.