The advantages of using bottom freezer refrigerators

The advantages of using bottom freezer refrigerators

The refrigerator is probably the most used appliance in a household. It works 24×7 to keep your food items fresh, cool and edible. Although most models of refrigerators are functional, newer ones aim to offer more to the consumers through fantastic features. One of the most common types is the bottom freezer refrigerators. Let’s explore the advantages of bringing one to your house.

  • Space-saving design
    Unlike side-by-side refrigerator which takes up too much of space. O bottom freezer refrigerators use lesser space. Bottom freezer refrigerators have the ice maker in the top section that helps to free up more freezer space at the bottom. Most of these refrigerators come with several features to ensure more space saving. There are features like adjustable shelves, pull out drawers, etc. Newer models often come with the customizable option to let the owner decide how they want to use the space inside the freezer.
  • Convenience
    It is a known fact that the refrigerator is used more than the freezer on a daily basis. When the freezer is moved to the bottom, the user can access the fridge more efficiently. Keeping food items closer to the eye level makes it simple for the user to locate them. While using a regular fridge, you might even forget some food items since they are stored on the lower shelves. However, bottom freezer fridges can serve as a reminder as you can comfortably view all the contents. Additionally, bottom freezers come with pull out baskets, which make accessing and storing food items handier. The huge space inside the freezer can be used to keep items like family-sized meals, frozen pizza, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, etc.
  • Variable temperature settings
    Most bottom freezer refrigerators come with pull out drawer just above the freezer. The drawer can be used to keep beverages or frequently eaten snacks which can be set up at a different temperature than the main refrigerator. This eliminates the requirement to have a separate beverage fridge. There are other models which allow people to set-up the temperature for the vegetable crisper drawers as well. All these help to keep everything fresh for a long time, and avoid wastage of food items and save more money.

Types of bottom freezer models
There are several styles and models to choose from when you decide to buy a bottom freezer refrigerator. The bottom freezer refrigerators come in two main choices. It could either be a swing-door freezer or a pull out drawer. The refrigerator design can be categorized into three main types:

  • Dual French door top refrigerator
  • Single door top refrigerator
  • French-door with extra pull out middle drawer

All the models and styles are available in a range of finishes and colors.